Monday, March 28, 2011

Lego Yankees Eric Birthday Cake

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Here's a cake for all you lego lovers and Yankees fans out there. It was a BaseballLegoPalooza for Eric's Birthday! I went into this cake thinking it would be relatively simple, but I didn't account for the fact that legos are extremely precise toys. Once it donned on me how important proportions and measurements would be to this cake, I went out and purchased a big box of legos and actually built a model of this cake out of real legos first. That was a good plan because it allowed me to count the exact number of little nubs I needed on my base and on each lego to make this work. Getting the spacing exactly right was basically impossible, so I just tried to get it as close as I could! Other lessons learned:

  • It is much, much easier to frost a big cake than a bunch of small pieces of cake. Pieces of cake like to crumble. I think I spent longer frosting the legos than making the entire rest of the cake!

  • If you're making a big figure out of fondant, allow at least a week for drying time. Mushy figures = no good.

  • Dowel rods work well for making lego hands from fondant, and also baseball bats.

  • Gel food colors work pretty well as paints, as evidenced by the baseball and cap. Painting the little laces on the baseball was an excercise in patience for sure.

  • The pockets on baseball pants actually go on the back. Oops.

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