Sunday, October 17, 2010

A Harley Davidson Wedding

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This weekend I got to make the cakes for a Harley-themed wedding. The bride's cake was all French vanilla with vanilla buttercream, and it was my second attempt at uneven tiers. We added two mini Harleys to the cake at the venue, which made the perfect finishing touches. I wish I had remembered to brign the camera!

The groom's cake was chocolate with chocolate buttercream (my favorite). This was my first time making flames, and I had a good time using my airbrush for these cakes. The logo on the groom's cake matched the wedding invitations, which I thought was pretty cool. I found some awesome diamond plate vinyl at Auto Zone that I used to cover the cake boards, which also matched the invitations. All in all I was really happy with how these turned out!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Severed Medusa Head!

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What better way to celebrate a 10-year-old boy's birthday than a severed head covered in snakes!? This was a really fun and interesting cake to make. Four chocolate cakes and chocolate buttercream carved and covered in fondant and then embossed and airbrushed to look like scaly Medusa. 15 airbrushed gummy snakes with beady redhot eyes made up her hair. Her eyes had lights inside so they glowed green in the dark. Way cool. The kids seemed to be impressed. One even said, "Wow, you're good. You should sell this cake for a million dollars!" Pretty nice compliment. :-)

Pineapple Mini Cupcakes

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Leftover pineapple cake cupcakes! These were topped with cream cheese frosting. Really cute and yummy.

A Surgical Pineapple Cake

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My friend Aleiva asked me to make a cake for her sister Leah, who was graduating as a surgical nurse. This cake incorporates scrubs, a surgical mask, and a tray full of medical instruments. Everything is made of fondant, and the cake was a new one for me: pineapple with cream cheese icing. The pineapple cake was totally awesome! I'll definitely be additing to my list of regular flavors.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Orange Creamsicle Cupcakes

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Decided to make some cupcakes for fun today. Orange cupcakes with marshmallow-butter filling, orange buttercream and marshmallow drizzle. These looks delish and smell just like an orange creamsicle!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

My Cake Blog

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Hi there! Welcome to my cake blog. I decided I should be documenting my forrays into caking, so I have uploaded all my photos (that I could locate) from the past view years below. Hope you enjoy! I am preping to begin a fun and crazy new project: a severed Medusa head cake! Stay tuned for photos of that one! Thanks for looking!


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This is probably my favorite cake to date. This was for Dani's Sweet 16 Hollywood-themed party. I drew inspiration from a lot of other great cakes out there and came up with a few new fun techniques, too. This was a red velvet/cream cheese and vanilla/vanilla cake. It featured some really fun personalized details, like two film reels with actual photos of Dani from birth to present made in edible icing images. The reels started on top of the cake and film dangled down the sides. Loved it! Of course, we had to have a red carpet and some real spotlights (my favorite feature) to light up the DANIWOOD sign. The "Now Showing" sign and clapboard highlighted Dani's special day. Lots of gold and silver and sparkles made this cake really shine! Loooved it!

Caroline's 40th

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This funky birthday cake was for Caroline, a co-worker's wife, on her 40th birthday. It featured some of her favorite things: Bud Light, limes, and some funky skulls. This was my first topsy-turvy cake, so definitely another learning experience! This was a fun cake to make and it helped me discover the BEST fondant I have found to date: Fondarific. I highly recommend it! This cake featured a red velvet topper, a vanilla middle layer with strawberry filling, and a black forest base with cherry filling and a cherry liquer buttercream. Yummo!

A First

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This cake was for Haley's first birthday. Haley is the daughter of our good friends Leslie and Zach, and it might have been a bit over the top simply because she is the first little one to enter our group of friends. This ginormous cake matched the theme of her birthday party decor (which you can find at Party City in case you were wondering). Loved how this turned out. A lot of time went into the little details, like the butterflies and lady bugs! This was definitely my biggest cake up to this point, which was October 2009.

Cooler Super Bowl

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For the 2010 Super Bowl, I made a beer cooler cake. This was one of my first carved cakes and my first attempt at sugar ice! I thought this cake was really fun!

Golden Anniversary

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This cake was for the 50th anniversary of my friend Melissa's parents. It was an all white cake: vanilla cake, vanilla buttercream, white fondant and dozens of white gumpaste flowers. I did roses, calla lilies, and daisies with a draped fondant effect. I loved how this turned out! This was my first go round with draping fondant, and I thought it was really pretty. And this was definitely the most gumpaste flowers I've ever made. Quite a lot of hours went into this cake!

A Cakeball Wedding

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My first wedding! 10" chocolate square with chocolate buttercream, 300 cakeballs in red velvet, white chocolate, brownie and vanilla, and 50 chocolate and vanilla strawberries. Quite a large display!

Elegant Engagement

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This cake was for Jos and Drew's engagement party. They wanted a pretty, elegant cake that used their theme colors of eggplant, black and silver. I did a vanilla almond cake with vanilla buttercream and white fondant accented with eggplant and black ribbons and real jeweled brooches down the front. The back featured a big, pretty bow. I loved this cake!

Circles and Dots, Oh My

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This was a mini birthday cake for my mother in law Kay. It was fun with fondant and circle cutters day! I thought this little guy was pretty darn cute. I'd love to do a larger stacked cake like this with some fun bright colors, like hot pink and black!

Nintendo Time

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This was Paul's birthday cake for 2010. He requested a Nintendo theme and I was short on time before the party, so I put together a quick old school Nintendo controller. The cake was a vanilla cheesecake flavor with cream cheese buttercream and fondant decorations. Tasty! Great fun, and I will definitely be taking another crack at a Nintendo cake when I have more time in the future!

Smores Cupcakes

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These tasty little cakes were for Jason and Trish's birthday celebration back in June. They started with a small graham cracker crust, topped by a dense shortbread cake filled with marshmallow filling, topped with Valrhona chocolate ganache. The real kicker was the home-made toasted marshmallow on top! Making home-made marshmallows was great fun, and they were definitely the most delicious marshmallows I've ever tasted. And, these gave me the little shove I needed to buy a culinary torch. I had such a blast toasting the little marshmallows! These were so delicious!

Chocolate Strawberries

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These two cakes were practice rounds for my first wedding cake, which was a mini chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream and chocolate and white chocolate strawberries. For the second try, I made my first attempt at Bride and Groom strawberries, which ended up being perfect for the wedding cake and display, which also included 300 cake balls and 50 strawberries!

Ganache and Graduation

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This was a graduation cake for my brother Bobby. This was more about being yummy than pretty. It was a swiss chocolate cake with fresh strawberry filing and vanilla butter cream topped off with a dark chocolate ganache. Given more time before his party, I would have loved to top this off with some chocolate covered-strawberries.

Red Hat

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This was a cake for Ali's mom, who was hosting a party for her Red Hat friends. These were my first gumpaste roses, and my first experience with dying a big hunk of fondant bright red, so it was definitely a learning experience. I thought this turned out so cute, and the swiss almond chocolate cake was yummy!

A Tech-Colored Birthday

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This was a birthday cake for my friend Ali, who loves Texas Tech as much as I do. We did a red and black theme for her surprise party, so I did my first experiment with fondant balls and using wires on a cake. This was a fun one to make and another one I think I'll have to re-make one of these days!

Purple Presents

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This cake was for a wedding shower for Brian and Melissa back in 2008 I believe. Their wedding colors were brown and lavender, so I incorporated two shades of purple and a brown fondant bow. This was one of my first stacked cakes. Looking back on this, I would love to redo this with what I have learned over the past few years!

Super Bowl XLII

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This cake featured the helmets for the NY Giants and New England Patriots for Super Bowl XLII. This was another one with lots and lots of stars and a little bit of fondant work to form the team logos.

Winter Wonderland

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This cake was for a holiday-themed wedding shower for our dear friends Jos and Drew. The snowflakes were all unique and were made using royal icing and blue luster dust. Glass ornaments are suspended from wires to form the cake topper. The top tier is supported by icicle columns.

Bobby's Birthday Cake

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This was a birthday cake for my little bro Bobby where I played with some of the piping techniques from cake class and my new scroll patterns!

Buttercream Roses

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This was my final cake for my Beginner Cake Decorating class. My buttercream roses and sweet peas turned out pretty well! The piping was a work in progress! :-)

Friday, August 27, 2010

Butterfly Cake

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This was my character pan cake for Cake Decorating class. It's covered in stars. Many, many stars. This was a banana cake with vanilla almond buttercream, and I used extra bright icing colors to get the neon shades. Girly!


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